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James H. Redyke - President

Email: jim@dykon-explosivedemolition.com


In the 1960's, James H. Redyke began his blasting career under Controlled Demolition, Inc., Baltimore, MD.  While in their employ, he participated in the explosive felling of hundreds of structures, shooting thousands of cubic yards of reinforced concrete in a variety of applications throughout the United States.  His responsibilities included sales (dealing with contractors, City, State and Federal Officials), advance planning and supervision of structural preparation and engineering layout and placement of explosives (including power plants, refineries, bridge piers and a massive reinforced wall at Metro Station in Washington, D.C.). 

 Some of his endeavors included the explosive felling of two (2) Titan Missile Launch Towers at Cape Canaveral, Florida and one (1) Missile Tower at Vandenburg Air Force Base, California.

 Since starting up his own company in 1974, he has become well known in the explosive demolition field using his expertise worldwide.  Dykonís experience includes felling of hundreds of buildings, bridges, smokestacks, and industrial structures.  His experience includes blasting of thousands of yards of heavily reinforced concrete in various types of exposures (primarily plants, bridges and refineries). Dykon also provides rock drilling and blasting for construction (utility trenches, mass excavation, and road cuts).

         As President of DYKON, Jimís duties are to oversee the overall performances of blasting operations including participation in the design of blasting plans and actual loading of explosives for thousands of structures.  Jim is active in the Society of Explosive Engineers (National and International), the Ozark Chapter of S.E.E. (Past President and currently serves on the board), He also is a member of the National Demolition Association (having served on the Board of Directors).  He is licensed in most all states requiring licenses and many foreign countries. 

 He has worked in Mexico, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates, England and Aruba.  Most recent International projects were in Chile and Trinidad and Mexico bringing down a structure at DOW chemical plant.  He has had a large variety of work in Canada in the last 18 months.  Specifically a record breaking implosion of the Ontario Power Station in Mississauga, Ontario that included 8 Hung Boilers involving over three million square ft. in June 2007.